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Zi Su Ye

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Name: Perilla Leaf (紫蘇葉)

Pinyin: Zi Su Ye

Pharm. Name: Folium Perillae





Acrid, Bitter

Disperse wind-cold, promote qi flow and soothe the middle

Large Intestine



This herb has mild actions of expelling wind and dispersing cold, inducing sweating to release the exterior. It can be used singly for the slight syndrome, but for serious diseases, it should be used with other herbs that can disperse wind-cold. Because it can release exterior cold, promote qi flow and ease middle energizer, and also resolve phlegm and stop cough. Therefore, this herb is suitable for wind-cold exterior syndrome with qi stagnation, marked by fullness and distending sensation of chest, vomit, and nausea, or cough with much phlegm. It can also promote qi flow to soothe the middle energizer and ease distension, harmonize the stomach and stop vomiting, and it also has some effect on regulating qi to prevent abortion. With these actions, it can be used for qi stagnation of middle energizer, marked by fullness and distending sensation in the chest and epigastrium, nausea, and vomit.


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