Herbal Essentials

We strive to revolutionize the conventional concept of traditional Chinese medicine refining ingredients with flora and herbs.

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Bio Essence Herbal Essentials manufactures safe and quality health products. As a growing company, we continue to serve our practitioners with dedication and innovation.

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With the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and cutting-edge technology, we can create custom formulations that fit all practitioners' demands. 

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Our research laboratory and manufacturing facility are FDA certified. Every step of the process, we give the finest care and consideration to our products.

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Herbal supplements developed by a team of leading holistic medical practitioners for physicians, that is influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine. VIEW MEDITCM PRODUCTS


Ready-to-drink formulas that give you a substantial serving of potent nutrients that support cell regeneration, restore energy, and an overall feeling of wellness. VIEW MEDIDRINK PRODUCTS


These supplements incorporate a variety of only the most wholesome ingredients. They help absorb the nutrients that we need to combat the symptoms of specific health implications. VIEW SUPPLEMENT PRODUCTS

Custom Formulation

A custom formulation is defined as a product made exclusively for your company to your exact specifications. Such formulas might range in complexity from a single ingredient to several different components. Learn More

Our Solutions

We bring forth a brand of individualized medicine and health supplements that can restore wellness and vitality to the body.