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Sheng Di Huang

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Name: Rehmannia (生地黃)

Pinyin: Sheng Di Huang

Pharm. Name: Rehmanniae, Radix





Bitter, Sweet

Clear heat and cool blood, stop bleeding, nourish yin

Heart, Kidney, Liver



It can cool blood, stop bleeding, nourish yin especially for nutrient-yin deficiency or bleeding due to blood heat in the nutrient-blood system and it excels in clearing heat especially in the nutrient-blood system in warm diseases. For heat syndrome in nutrient and blood systems leading to nutrient-yin consumption manifested as fever aggravated at night, thirsty, red tongue without coating, it is often combined with herbs of clearing heat from qi system and herbs of clearing heat and removing toxicity so as to clear nutrient and transfer heat out. It is commonly indicated for hematemesis, emptysis, hemoptysis, hemafecia, hematuria, metrorrhagia, and metrostaxis caused by excessive heat in zang-fu organs forcing blood because of its actions of stopping bleeding and cooling blood as well.


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