Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang
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Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang #2107

Pin Ying Name: Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang

English Name: Glehnia & Ophiopogon Decoction

Chinese Name: 沙參麥冬湯

Herbs & Actions
Adenophora Radix Sha Shen 20.59g



Ophiopogon Radix Mai Men Dong 20.59g



Polygonatum Rhizoma Yu Zhu 14.71g



Morus Folium Sang Ye 11.76g



Dolichos Semen Sheng Bian Dou 11.76g



Trichosanthes Radix Tian Hua Fen 11.76g



Glycyrrhiza Radix Gan Cao 8.83g





Formula Actions
  • Clear Fire
  • Tonifies the Lungs and Stomach
  • Generates body Fluids
  • moistens dryness

  • Thirsty
  • Dry throat
  • Dry cough with very little sputum or no sputum at all