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Sang Ye

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Name: Mulberry Leaf (桑葉)

Pinyin: Sang Ye

Pharm. Name: Folium Mori






Bitter, Sweet

Disperse wind-heat, clear lung-heat and moisten the dryness, subdue liver-yang, clear liver-heat and improve vision.

Lung, Liver




For it has a mild action of dispersing the exterior pathogens, it is often used together with Bo He to dispel wind-heat for a strengthened action. Being bitter and cold to clear lung-heat, sweet and cold to cool and moisten the lung, it is indicated for lung-heat or dryness-heat hurting the lung, manifested as cough with little yellow and sticky phlegm, or dry cough with no sputum. For the less serious syndrome, it's often used together with herbs which can clear lung-heat, resolve phlegm and relieve cough. Being able to remove liver-heat and moisten the yin to improve eyesight, it is often used together with Ju Hua, Xia Ku Cao which can remove liver heat and improve eyesight for liver-fire flaming up leading to blood-shot, painful eyes with profuse tears.


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