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San Qi

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Name: Pseudoginseng (三七)

Pinyin: San Qi

Pharm. Name: Radix Notoginseng






Slightly Bitter, Sweet

Resolve blood stasis and stop bleeding, activate blood, and alleviate pain.

Liver, Stomach, Large Intestine

Decoction: 2-10g 1-3g up to 3 times/day (Pills and Powders) 3-6g up to 3 times/day (Sever Bleeding)



The root of perennial herbaceous plant Panax notoginseng. This herb is sweet and slightly bitter in flavor and warm in nature, entering liver meridian and blood system, and good at stopping bleeding and promoting the generation of new tissue. It is featured by stopping bleeding without retaining blood stasis and resolving stasis without impairing healthy qi. This herb can promote blood circulation and resolve blood stasis to alleviate pain and eliminate swelling. So it is an excellent herb for various syndromes of blood stasis and a key herb for trauma. It is the first choice for traumatic injuries, fractures, and damage of tendon and bone, and swelling and pain due to blood stasis.


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