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Qing Fei Yin

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Pin Ying Name: Qing Fei Yin

English Name: Eight Herbs Clear Lung Decoction

Chinese Name: 清肺飲

Herbs & Actions
Pharmaceutical Latin Pin Yin Actions
Sm. Armeniacae Xing Ren

Stops cough and calms wheezing.

Bul. Fritillariae Cirrhosae Chuan Bei Mu

Clears Heat, transforms Phlegm, stops cough and nourishes and moistens the Lung.

With Xing Ren, for cough and wheezing with copious sputum and coughing of thick, yellow sputum due to Phlegm-Fire.

Poria Fu Ling

Promotes urination, leaches out Dampness, strengthens the Spleen, harmonizes the Middle Jiao and transforms Phlegm.

Rx. Platycodi Jie Geng

Opens the Lungs, spreads Lung Qi, expels Phlegm and benefits the throat.

With Gan Cao, disseminates Lung Qi, expels Phlegm, resolves toxicity, and expels pus for productive cough with hoarseness, pain and swelling of the throat due to Wind-Heat.

Rx. Glycyrrhizae Gan Cao

Tonifies the Spleen, augments Qi, resolves Phlegm, stops cough and moderates and harmonizes the harsh properties of other herbs.

With Jie Geng, for pain and swelling of the throat. with Xing Ren and Chuan Bei Mu, for Heat induced dry cough.

Fr. Schisandrae Wu Wei Zi

Contains leakage of Lung Qi, stops cough, tonifies the Kidneys, astringes Jing, stops diarrhea and spermatorrhea, tonifies Qi, quiets the Spirit and calms and contains Heart Qi.

Exo. Citri Reticulatae Rubrum Ju Hong

It is primarily used for vomiting and belching and for treating Phlegm-Damp coughs.

Rz. Zingiberis Recens Sheng Jiang

Warms the Lungs, stops cough and reduces the toxicity of other herbs.

Formula Actions
  • Transforms Phlegm
  • Disseminates Lung Qi
  • Relieves coughing
  • Phlegm-Dampness Obstructs the Lungs with Heat and Spleen Deficiency
Clinical Manifestations
  • Productive cough
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Influenza
  • Cough due to pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Common cold
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Pyelonephritis

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