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Qing Dai

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Name: Indigo Naturalis (青黛)

Pinyin: Qing Dai

Pharm. Name: Indigo Naturalis






Clear heat and remove toxicity, cool blood, and clear liver-fire.

Liver, Lung, Stomach



A kind of dried powder or clumping processed from the leaf or stem with a leaf of Baphicacanthus cusia. It is the processed products of Da Qing Ye, and has a similar action of clearing heat, removing toxicity, and cooling blood to that of Da Qing Ye. For the actions of clearing heat and removing toxicity, cooling blood, and relieving swelling, it is also indicated for many kinds of heat-toxicity syndromes and can be used in either oral or topical administration. With the actions of clearing heat and cooling blood, it is indicated for various kinds of bleeding syndromes due to blood heat. It can be used alone, and also usually combined with heat-clearing, blood-cooling, and bleeding-stopping herbs to improve the effects. It can clear heat from both lung and liver, and also has a combined action of cooling blood. It is commonly used to treat the impairment of lung collaterals due to invasion of the lung by liver fire which is manifested as cough, chest pain, hemoptysis or phlegm with blood, and often combined with phlegm-resolving and cough-stopping herbs, as in Dai Ge San from Wei Sheng Hong Bao (A Great Precious Sanitation).


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