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Lian Qiao

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Name: Forsythia Fruit (連翹)

Pinyin: Lian Qiao

Pharm. Name: Fructus Forsythiae






Bitter, Slightly Acrid, Astringent

Clear heat and remove toxicity, disperse wind-heat, clear heart-heat.

Heart, Lung, GallBladder, Liver, San Jiao




The fruits of Forsythia suspensa. It has a similar action to that of Jin Yin Hua, and also can disperse wind-heat exteriorly, and clear heat and removes toxicity interiorly. So it is commonly indicated for many syndromes of warm diseases in stage of defense, qi, nutrient and blood systems, and often combined with Jin Yin Hua for mutual reinforcement. With the action of clearing heat and removing toxicity, it can also take effects of curing sores, relieving swelling and alleviating sore throat. Its action of relieving swelling and dissipating nodulation is much better than that of Jin Yin Hua, so it is the essential herb for treating sores and abscess due to heat-toxicity and is honored as "holy medicine for patients with frequent ulcer"; by predecessor.


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