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Jue Ming Zi

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Name: Cassia Seed (決明子)

Pinyin: Jue Ming Zi

Pharm. Name: Semen Cassiae






Bitter, Sweet, Salty

Clear liver, improve vision, and slightly relax the bowels.

Liver, Kidney, Large Intestine, GallBladder

9-15g, 3-6g (Powder)



The ripe seed of the annual herb Cassia obtusifolia. Being bitter and cold, it can purge liver fire and improve vision by entering the liver. Because it is not drastically bitter and cold, and yet being sweet and moisture without concerns of damaging yin, it is a common herb for various eye diseases, such as eye diseases caused by liver fire, wind-heat, or liver deficiency. For blood-shot painful eyes, photophobia, and lacrimation, nebula due to liver fire flaming up, it is combined with Che Qian Zi, Qing Xiang Zi for clearing liver and improve vision, such as Jue Ming San from Yi Zong Jin Jian. For its actions of laxation and relaxing the bowels, it is commonly combined with herbs of laxation such as Huo Ma Ren, Gua Lou Ren, for constipation caused by internal heat and dryness.


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