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Ju Hua

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Name: Chrysanthemum Flower

Pinyin: Ju Hua

Pharm. Name: Flos Chrysanthemi





Acrid, Bitter, Sweet

Disperse wind-heat, subdue liver yang, and remove liver heat to improve vision, clear lung heat.

Liver, Lung



The Capitulum of perennial herb Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat. As it has the similar action to Sang Ye of dispelling wind-pathogen externally and removing lung-heat internally, it is indicated for wind-heat or warm-heat invading the lung manifested by fever, headache with cough. Being able to remove liver heat, dispel wind-heat and improve vision in some degree, it is indicated for the flaming up of liver fire leading to conjunctival congestion with pain and swelling or wind-heat interrupting up leading to unsmooth sensation and pain in the eyes and profuse tears or blindness due to blood deficiency of the liver and kidney.


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