Han Lian Cao
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Han Lian Cao #1403

Name: Eclipta (旱蓮草)

Pinyin: Han Lian Cao

Latin: Eclipta Prostrata






Sweet, Sour, Salty

Nourish liver and kidney, cool blood to stop bleeding.

Kidney, Liver

9-15g, 30g (Maximum, Fresh)



This herb aids in curing dizziness, blurred vision, dim sight, early white of beard and hair, soreness and limpness of lumbar and knees due to yin deficiency of liver and kidney, or yin deficiency with effulgent fire, because it can nourish yin of liver and kidney. It also aids in curing bleeding due to blood heat, especially for bleeding due to yin deficiency with blood heat, because it can nourish yin, clear heat, and cool blood to stop bleeding.