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Gu Sui Bu

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Name: Drynaria Rhizoma (骨碎補)

Pinyin: Gu Sui Bu

Pharm. Name: Drynari, Rhizoma







Activate blood and cure trauma, tonify kidney

Liver, Kidney

6-21g, 30g (Streng then kidneys)



The dry root tuber of perennial overgrowth fern plant Drynaria fortune. This herb enters liver and kidney meridians and can activate blood, dissolve stasis, reunion of fractured tendons and bones, resolve swelling and alleviate pain. It is indicated for traumatic injuries, injuries, congestion, swelling and pain. This herb enters kidney and treat bone so named after its major indication of soft tissue injury and broken bone. It also has the actions of tonifying kidney and strengthening bone besides activating blood, curing trauma and alleviating pain. It is the commonly used herb especially for the syndrome of soft tissue injury and bone fracture in traumatology because it moves and dissolves qi and blood stagnation due to traumatic injuries and stops bleeding due to incised wound and broken collaterals.


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