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Ge Gen

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Name: Kudzu Root (葛根)

Pinyin: Ge Gen

Pharm. Name: Radix Puerariae






Sweet, Acrid

Release exterior and cure fever, promote eruption, promote the production of fluid and relieve thirst, ascend yang to check diarrhea.

Spleen, Stomach

4-21g, 60g (Maximum)



This herb has the action of expelling the external wind pathogen and reducing fever by diaphoresis. It can be used for high fever of exterior syndromes due to external contraction either by wind-cold or wind-heat. For wind-cold exterior syndrome, it is used with herbs having efficacy of dispelling wind-cold, such as Ma Huang, Qiang Huo, Fang Feng, and so on. For wind-heat exterior syndrome, it can be used with wind-heat-dispersing herbs or heat-clearing herbs such as Bo He, Jin Yin Hua, and so on. Because this herb can both dispel external wind and clear internal heat induced by pathogen stagnation, it is usually used to treat exterior syndromes, accumulated pathogens transforming into the fire, invading the internal organs, which manifested as fever aggravated, aversion to cold, dryness of the nose and pain in eyes and slight thirst.


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