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Gan Cao

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Name: Chinese Licorice (甘草)

Pinyin: Gan Cao

Pharm. Name: Radix Glycyrrhizae 





Sweet, Slightly Salty

Tonify qi of heart and spleen, dispel phlegm, relieve cough and dyspnea, relieve spasm and pain, clear heat and relieve toxicity, and harmonize property of medicine.

Heart, Lung, Stomach, Spleen, All twelve channels Yang Wei



This herb is indicated for intermittent or knotted pulse, palpitation due ro heart qi deficiency because it can tonify heart qi and reinstate pulse. For heart blood deficiency is a common complication of heart qi deficiency, it is applied singly, or combined with qi-tonifying and blood-nourishing herbs. It also helps with aiding various syndromes of cough and dyspnea, including deficiency and excess, cold and heat types, relieving spasm to alleviate pain, and relieving toxicity and applied extensively.


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