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Fu Ling

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Name: Poria (茯苓)

Pinyin: Fu Ling

Pharm. Name: Poria Cocos






Sweet, Bland

Induce diuresis and drain dampness, invigorate spleen and induce tranquilization

Heart, Spleen, Kidney, Lung, bladder, Stomach




This Herb can induce diuresis and drain dampness to eliminate the pathogens, and invigorate spleen to reinforce healthy. Its property is mild, tonic but not stagnant, and diuretic without consumption. It is an essential herb for inducing diuresis and alleviating edema. It has the action of inducing tranquilization and is indicated for palpitation and insomnia caused by different causes. For palpitation, insomnia, and amnesia due to qi and blood deficiency or spleen-heart deficiency, it is usually combined with qi-tonifying, blood-nourishing herbs and tranquilizers. It can invigorate spleen, drain and excrete water-damp to prevent the retention of damp and production of phlegm. And it can also calm heart and induce tranquilization. So it is suitable for syndrome of spleen deficiency with fluid-retention or syndrome of attack of heart by retained water manifested as fullness in the chest and hypochondrium, palpitation and dizziness, and cough with shortness of breath.


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