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Di Gu Pi

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Name: Lycium Bark (地骨皮)

Pinyin: Di Gu Pi

Pharm. Name: Cortex Lycii Radicis






 Sweet, Bitter

Clear heat and excrete dampness, dispel wind to alleviate itching.

Urinary Bladder, Kidney




This herb is effective in clearing deficiency heat in liver and kidney, relieving bone-steaming with sweat, so it is the good herb for reducing deficiency heat and relieving tidal fever. It is often combined with yin-nourishing herbs to take effects of treating both fundamental and incidental aspects, such as Zhi Mu and Bie Jia in Di Gu Pi Tang from Sheng Ji Zong Lu. It also clears most of the heat from the lungs, and commonly indicated for treating failure of lung in purification, failure of adverse qi to descend caused by lung fire accumulation and stagnation manifested as cough or asthma. In addition, it is commonly indicated for hematemesis, apostaxis and hemoptysis due to blood heat. For blood stranguria, it can be decocted with alcohol such as Di Gu Pi in the book Jing Yan Guang Ji (Widely Collection of Experience)..


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