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Black Sesame 黑芝麻

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Here Are Some Benefits Of Black Sesame Seeds:
  • Help postponing or reversing ageing
  • Rich in vitamin B and iron; deficiency of vitamin B and iron show symptoms like hair turning gray, hearing loss and memory loss which are the indicators of ageing
  • Protect liver against the damage caused by free radicals in the body
  • Rich in fiber, lignans (cell reinforcements), and phytosterol (phytochemicals) which protect against from the colon cancer
  • Relief for constipation and indigestion due to the high fiber content and unsaturated fatty acid content
  • Sesame Oil can lubricate intestines and fiver helps in smooth bowel movements
  • Help in clearing up worms in intestinal tract and improve digestion process


  • Grinding seeds or soaking them overnight can help make seeds more digestible
  • Rich in magnesium helps prevent hypertension and stabilized blood pressure
  • Rich in calcium and zinc helps bones strong





1. 适宜肝肾不足所致的眩晕、眼花、视物不清、腰酸腿软、耳鸣耳聋、发枯发落、头发早白之人食用;适宜妇女产后乳汁缺乏者食用;适宜身体虚弱、贫血、高脂血症、高血压病、老年哮喘、肺结核,以及荨麻疹,习惯性便秘者食用;适宜糖尿病、血小板减少性紫瘴、慢性神经炎、末梢神经麻痹、痔疮以及出血性素质者食用;

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