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Bi Xie

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Name: Dioscorea Root (畢茇)

Pinyin: Bi Xie

Pharm. Name: Rhizoma Dioscoreae






Treats Toothache, Colds within Stomach

Urinary Bladder, Liver, Stomach



The rhizome of a perennial herbaceous plant. It has the actions of removing dampness from yangming meridians to consolidate lower energizer, so it can separate lucidity from turbidity. It is the essential herb of “Chylous Stranguria”. As a main herb, it is usually indicated for Chylous Stranguria, turbid, and milky urine. For turbid and milky urine due to deficiency-cold, it is usually combined with the herbs of warming kidney and dispersing cold, resolving turbidity and removing dampness. Also, it has the actions of dispelling wind and removing dampness, relaxing tendons and unblocking collaterals. Lastly, it is good at treating lumbar and knee pain due to the limitation of bent and the extending of limbs.


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