Ban Xia
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Ban Xia #1068

Name: Pinellia (半夏)

Pinyin: Ban Xia

Latin: Pinelliae, Rhizoma







Retain Stomach Fluid and Eliminate Cough.

Lung, Spleen, Stomach, Heart




A dry tuber of an herbaceous plant from different provinces in China. This herb takes the action of drying according to its pungent and warm property. It is good at drying dampness to resolve Phlegm and turbidity. It can also relieve cough. Overall, it serves as the key herb of drying dampness, resolving phlegm, warming and resolving cold-phlegm. Especially, it excels at treating damp-phlegm of the Zang and Fu-organ. It can both dry dampness to resolve phlegm and check adverse rise of qi to harmonize stomach. So, it has excellent action of relieving vomiting as a key herb. It is used in combination according to the syndrome of vomiting caused by all kinds of reasons. It has also been indicated for vomiting resulted from phlegm, retained fluid and stomach cold because it is warm and dry in property and good at resolving phlegm.