Bai Zi Ren
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Bai Zi Ren #1297

Name: Arborvitae Seed(柏子仁)

Pinyin: Bai Zi Ren

Latin: Platycladi, Semen






Acrid, Sweet, Bitter

Tonify heart and induce tranquilization, moisten intestines for relaxing bowels.

Heart, Kidney, Large Intestine, Spleen, Liver




This is a type of dry ripe kernel from the “Platycladus Orientalis”, originally from certain areas around China. It has actions of tonifying the heart and inducing tranquilization. So, it is commonly indicated for palpitation, fearful throbbing, restlessness due to deficiency, insomnia, dizziness, amnesia due to heart yin-blood deficiency, and heart-mind loss of nourishment. It also moistens intestines for relaxing bowels because of its moist and oily characteristics so it is fit for intestinal dryness constipation due to the deficiency of yin-blood, fluid insufficiency of old people, or blood deficiency after parturition.