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Bai Ji

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Name: Bletilla Rhizoma (白芨)

Pinyin: Bai Ji

Pharm. Name: Rhizoma Bletilla






Bitter, sweet, stringe, astringe, light cold

Astringe and stop bleeding, resolve swelling, promote tissue regeneration

Lung, Stomach, Liver

3-10g, 2-5g (Powder)



This herb is sticky in texture and astringe in flavor as an essential herb to astringe and stop bleeding. It is indicated for external and internal bleeding. It mainly enters lung and stomach meridians, so it is mostly used in the syndrome of lung and stomach bleeding. For bleeding due to traumatic injury, its powder is used singly or mixed with water for external application. This herb is also light cold and bitter with action of purging. So, it can resolve and dissipate carbuncle and swelling. Because of its astringent flavor and sticky texture, it can heal wound and promote tissue regeneration. It works as a commonly used herb for treating external abscess by resolving swelling and promoting tissue regeneration. It is indicated for sore and abscess whether it is ulcerated or not.


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