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Hair+ #FN106

Product Highlight
  • 34% Hair Retention
  • 78% Hair Density
  • Instructions: Adults take two capsules daily.
  • Suitable for: Healthy adult aged 21 and above.


Get “Big Hair, Don’t Care” kind of glamour with HAIR+ 

Tired of having hair that falls flat before you do?
Our revolutionary HAIR+ supplement is an advanced herbal formula that revitalizes from within for naturally healthier, stronger hair. Working in synergy with complex extracts and vitamins to increase hair density and retention, HAIR+ helps to improve strength, texture, shine and manageability, not to mention increasing growth rates at lightning speed.* We’ve also included Biotin in our unique formula, which is an essential vitamin for hair growth.

Organic Pea-AnaGain Nu: are sprouts from organic peas which stimulate the dermal papilla to induce the growth of new hair. It is proven to promote hair health, increasing density by 8% and reducing loss by 28%.
Biotin & Keratin: Biotin -converts nutrients into energy for Keratin which improves the body’s infrastructure, specifically in hair, skin, and nails.
Botanical Herb: Foti - is a legendary chinese pharmacopoeia also known as “HeShouWu” which translates to “the black-haired Mr.He”. This is a long proven Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in use of longevity tonics to ward off aging problems, such as hair loss.