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Stop-bleeding herb: Mugwort Leaf

Stop-bleeding herb: Mugwort Leaf

When you watch Chinese kung fu movies, you always see the use of herb. Regardless of how serious the injury is, herb can easily help a master to stop bleeding and recover in short time after a war. You must think it is fake, right? In fact, this kind of herb really exists in the world. That is Mugwort leaf. In ancient China, Mugwort leaf was the main method to stop bleeding for people. It was largely used in daily life and war time. In modern time, Mugwort leaf is still popular in Chinese herbal medicine because of strong effectiveness and functionality.

What is Mugwort leaf and how to finish an Mugwort leaf identification? Let me tell you. Every Mugwort leaf(also called ai-ye) looks like a green umbrella with white tomentum. It usually blooms in fall and release strong fragrance. The Mugwort leaf uses can be found in everywhere in Chinese daily life. People usually use it for acupuncture, food, and making medicine.

Mugwort Leaf herb

However, not the whole mugwort can be used for medicine. If you do not choose the correct age of herb, way of taking, quantity of use, mugwort leaf may be poison to hurt your health. Luckily, Bio essence Herbal Essentials provides the assistance to plan the formulation. After studying, our company maximize the potential of mugwort leaf benefits and mugwort leaf uses.


Mugwort leaf mainly has four functions:

  1. Firstly, if you suffer Excess and/or prolonged menstrual bleeding due to Deficiency Cold Restless fetus, lower abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding (threatened miscarriage), Infertility due to Cold womb, you can use some Mugwort leaf to help you warms the channels, warms the womb, stops bleeding and calms the fetus.
  2. Endure Cold abdominal pain and Cold menstrual pain for a long year? Mugwort leaf product is a good way to disperses cold and alleviates pain.
  3. Wanna solve the problem of skin problems marked by Dampness and itching? Use Mugwort leaf to eliminates Dampness and stops itching now.
  4. wheezing, and coughing with profuse sputum is so annoying, right? Let Mugwort leaf resolves Phlegm and stops cough and asthma.

Traditional way of using Mugwort leaf is complex and many people do not have time to do it. Our company simplify the way to use it. You can check it in Our Mugwort leaf product and see the instruction. And do not forget watching contraindications, it is significant for you to observe in any time. We hope Mugwort leaf health benefits can bring warm and health for you.

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