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Main Product Information

Main Product Information

Our Formula

Min Tong Traditional concentrated Chinese herbal formulas and single herbs are about five times stronger than dried raw herbs. The fine granule particles and the tablets are easy to dissolve and absorbed and thus enhance the healing effect. All the formulas introduced are traditionally used by many people for over centuries.

Min Tong concentrated herbal formulas & single herbs are prepared according to traditional methods. The bulk herbs are imported from China and are prepared or modified according to the traditional ways. By using water extraction, volatile herbs are added last when heating the concoction. By using the sealed recurrent extraction method, low heat depressurized concentration and vacuum-drying, all the essential and aromatic ingredients are retained.

Taking Our Product

The new bottle and cap design permit long-time storage and convenient to use. One-gram measuring spoons will be given along with each bottle of granule formulas or single herbs. For a general therapeutic dosage, 3 grams each time ( one flat tablespoon), 2 to 3 times per day. So one bottle of 100 grams can supply 12 to 17 days depending on the dosage. Physicians should increase or decrease the dosage according to the patient's age, weight, absorption ability, acute or chronic condi­tions, etc. 

The Min Tong concentrated herbal formulas in tablet forms are packed in 120 tablets or 500 tablets each bottle. Each tablet weighs 300 mg which has the same concentration as the granule products. The therapeutic dosage for adults to take 6 to 8 tablets each time, 3 times a day on empty stomach, or 20-30 minutes before meals or at least one hour after meals to get the best absorption. Children should take less according to the weight proportion. 

If a formula shows good results after having been taken for two to three weeks, it is recommended to keep using it for several weeks longer to further improve the health conditions with a lower dosage (taking 2 times a day 3 to 5 tablets each time instead of 3 times. For Granules, take 2 grams twice a day).

To take the granule-form tea, the patient canmake tea by adding into warm or hot water, or to take some water in the mouth first, then pour the granule tea powder in the mouth and swallow down with more water. 

During taking Chinese herbs, it is better to ask the patients to consume less or no caffeinated drinks so the body's adrenal glands can get less stimulated. Also it is better to take less icy cold water and drinks to avoid depleting the warmth of stomach which is necessary to maintain the normal enzyme activities of digestion and metabolism. 

Extra Helpful Information

Chinese herbal formulas often have quick action in helping the body and enhances overall energy shortly or after several days of regular use. For chronic or difficult health problems, it might take longer time to improve the organs' functions. Some tonic formulas may give con­sumers, those who substitute coffee or those who are highly stressed or nervous people a feeling of relaxation and calmness when they first start. It is normal because the organs are adjusting their functions and are rejuvenating to a new level. 

The extract formulas are available in granules and capsule form. Some formulas are available in tablet form. A formula explanation book and product cata­logue are available upon request. 

How to prepare a new formula by using Min Tong single herbal extracts

If you want to prepare a special formula for your patients by adding a few Min Tong single herbal extracts into existing formula, first please figure out what dosage you need of each herb in the formula either by Chinese weight measure units such as "chien" or other measure units such as grams. Then figure out the percentage you want of the added single herbs in the new formula. Then decide how many days' dosage you want to give your patient such as five to seven days or longer. 

The standard therapeutic dosage for adult is about 3 grams of granule formula 3 times daily no matter how many different herbs are in the formula. For example, If you need one week's dosage, multiply seven days by nine grams a day which comes to 63 grams total. You can figure out how much of an individual herb extract you need to mix in your formula by multiplying the percentage of that herb by 63 grams. Then you measure the formula and single herbs according to the proportion either by weight scale or by the one gram measure spoon as enclosed when ordering. Shake one minute or longer of the mixture in a container to let them mix well and then give to your patients. 

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