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Zi Hua Di Ding

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Name: Viola (紫花地丁)

Pinyin: Zi Hua Di Ding

Pharm. Name: Herba Violae





Acrid, Bitter

Clear heat and remove toxicity, cool blood, and relieve swelling




The entire plant of “Viola Yedoensis Makino”. It excels in clearing heat-toxicity in the blood system of heart and liver meridians to further cool blood and relieve swelling. It is a commonly-used herb for treating deep-rooted boils, furuncles, sores, and abscess, red swelling with burning pain due to excessive heat-toxicity and blood heat accumulation, but it is especially good at treating deep-rooted boils. It also has a combined action of relieving snake venom. For venomous snake bite, it can be taken orally fresh after pounding into juice, or combined with a little Xiong Huang and pounded for topical application. In addition, it has a combined action of clearing excess heat from the liver and stomach and can be used in treating blood-shot eyes due to liver heat, mouth ulcers due to stomach heat.


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