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Jiang Can

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Name: Silkworm (僵蠶)

Pinyin: Jiang Can

Pharm. Name: Bombyx Batryticatus






Acrid, Salty

Extinguish wind and stop spasm, dispel wind and alleviate pain, resolve phlegm and dissipate accumulation.

Liver, Lung

3-10g, 1-3g



This herb is good at treating infantile convulsions, epilepsy with phlegm-heat because it can extinguish liver wind, stop spasm, and resolve phlegm. For acute infantile convulsions, high fever, spasm due to heat-phlegm, it is often combined with heat-clearing and phlegm-eliminating herbs and wind-extinguishing and convulsions-relieving herbs. For wry eye and mouth due to wind attack on meridians, with its pungent flavor and actions of dispelling wind and unblocking collateral, it is combined with Quan Xie and Bai Fu Zi in Qian Zheng San. Being pungent and lung meridian entered in property, it has actions of dispelling exogenous wind and dispersing wind-heat for alleviating pain, improving vision, relieving sore throat, and relieving itching.


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