MediTCM Formula Pic
MediTCM Formula Pic
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Bi Tong Wan #D5108

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Pin Ying Name: Bi Tong Wan

English Name: Clear Nose Teapills

Chinese Name: 鼻通丸

Herbs & Actions
Pharmaceutical Latin Pin Yin Dosage Actions
Centipeda Herba E Bu SHi Cao 16.90g

Magnolia FLos Xin Yi Hua 16.90g

Xanthium Fructus Cang Er Zi 16.90g

Angelica Dahurica Radix Bai Zhi 16.90g

Scutellaria Radix Huang Qin 16.90g

Mentha Folium Bo He 7.80g

Ephedra Herba Ma Huang 7.70g

Formula Actions
  • Clears and helps relieve swelling of the nasal passages
  • Inflammation of the sinuses
Clinical Manifestations
  • inflammation of the sinuses