Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to giving our best

We’re a small company that’s here to assist you with your products and create an experience selecting what you’d like in your custom formulation. Unlike the big corporations in this field, Bio Essence carefully tailors every order to your specifications. Everyone here takes a part in customizing this experience to produce the most efficacious process to deliver products right to you. You can look forward to our attention and personal care:

headset_mic Exceptional customer service
developer_board State-of-the-art process technology
feedback Extensive after-market support
attach_money Highly competitive prices
access_alarm Short lead times

How we handle our products

Our company scrutinizes every process of the handling procedure to ensure that our products are met with absolute perfection before they reach you. To make this happen, we carefully source our ingredients for the best quality. Our FDA certified research laboratory meticulously conducts experiments to create a unique and efficacious product. We go through several, strict tests to produce the best quality:

done_outline Heavy metal analysis
done_outline Temperature control
done_outline Waste water management
done_outline Stability analysis
done_outline Potency analysis
done_outline Toxicity analysis
done_outline Particle size analysis
done_outline Moisture composition analysis
done_outline pH analysis
done_outline Sediment analysis
done_outline Label inspection
done_outline Burst test weight
done_outline Count inspection
done_outline Packing specifications
done_outline Lot number
done_outline Expiration date

Our Quality

Creating products that are essential mean that we only want the best for our practitioners. All of our supplements contain ingredients that are locally sourced. Our products do not contain:

block Hydrogenated fat
block Artificial sweeteners
block Artificial colors
block Coating
block Gluten
block Fillers
healthy ingredients picture