Bio Essence Herbal Essentials understands that for many practitioners, it is very hard to operate a clinic while running an herbal pharmacy on the side. Practitioners focus on providing distinctively unique care to each individual patient, and we take care of practitioners.

Customized formula is one of the greatest advantages of Bio Essence Herbal Essentials. With the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, world-class manufacturing, and cutting-edge technology, we can create formulations that fit practitioners' demands. All customized formulas will come with a list of ingredients, a summary of diagnostic indication, and directions for use. 

Our specialists will provide exceptional customer service as well as quality preparation of your formulas as if they were making them for our own patients. If this sounds like a right choice for you, contact us today! We look forward to serving your every herbal needs.

We offer a variety of services to put you on the path to success. We are currently the leaders in the industry at:


Rapid turnaround time.


No minimum order quantity.


Genuine and quality customer service.


Extensive product development expertise in accordance with strict cGMP and FDA regulations.

We encourage our customers to review the services that we offer to potential and existing customers including:


A Customized Research and Development Service.


Private Labeling


OEM Contract Manufacturing (Co-Packing)


Technology Transfer

Would you like to request a custom formulation?