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Prostate Youth (Also for Testis) (New)

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Price: $64.00
Item Number: BE127
Manufacturer: Bio Essence
Prostate Youth  
Testis is the most important genitalia of male, it can excrete testosterone which can keep the body characteristics of male, create sperms to continue human race. Prostate is the biggest sex gland of male, it can excrete liquid to support healthy urine function, dilute and activate sperm. The Prostate Youth is a tested herbal product sold in China and many countries in the world for many years.  It can regain & reinforce the function of testis and prostate, keep testis young, let it produce more hormone, defer aging, maintain normal level of PSA in blood already in a normal range thus supports prostate health. It can be used to help ease menopause symptoms of male, maintain healthy androgen levels of the aging male, low energy, Strengthening Kidney Yang for enhanced sexual function, etc. Among the ingredients,

Schisandra oil can act as infiltrating accelerant, help the effective ingredients from herbs such as Achyranthis Bidentatae, Cnidii monnieri, to enter the deep inner layer of prostate, let the old cells metabolize and dissolve fast, thus making the prostate slim. It can help purify the environment of cells, strengthen activity of cells, maintain the normal metabolize function of testis and prostate. An unique enzyme protein in the medicine can adjust the metabolism process of old prostate cells, normalize the process of Dihydrotestosterone transforming and new cells growing of outside layer of prostate.

Cuscuta can support urinary tract health, and Ginseng can improve the ability of whole body especially that of sex organs. Clinical experiments results: Clinical experiments in China proved that: By taking 5-7 days, healthy urine function is supported; take 1-2 weeks, sexual function is improved; Take 2-3 periods a year, feels and looks young.

The ingredients are highly concentrated with special active ingredients extracted. The concentration ratio is high as 28 to 1 so taking 2 capsules is equal to taking 56 capsules of raw herbs. You can find out by opening one capsule and taste its potency.  This product manufacturer in ginseng producing province in north China has used advanced unique method to extract the most effective active ingredients from the herbs listed below to help the Prostate & Testis health. Ingredients: Radix Ginseng(Ren shen), Herba Epimedii(Yin Yang Huo), Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae(Huai Niu Xi), Rhizoma Corydalis(Yan Hu Suo), Pollen Pini(Song Shu Hua Fen), Semen Allii Tuberrosi(Jiu Cai Zi), Fructus Foeniculi(Xiao Hui Xiang), Fructus Schisandrae(Wu Wei Zi), Semen Cuscutae(Tu Si Zi) and Fructus Cnidii monnieri(She Chuang Zi). (Use Yin Tonic Formula together if customer is Yin Deficiency).
Item no. BE 127; 120 capsules for one month supply

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