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Mushroom Kings (90 Vegi caps)

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Price: $24.00
Item Number: BE125
Manufacturer: Bio Essence
Mushroom Kings
This formula consists of six most powerful mushrooms used in dietary supplements for immune enhancement, and health maintenance. 

Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidus), also known as Red Ling-Zhi in Chinese, has shown in recent studies to be helpful for heart health, including maintaining normal cholesterol and normal blood pressure already within a normal range, and circulatory system support. Reishi is a cardio tonic that supports normal blood and oxygen flow to the heart. Reishi has been used to help better sleep, high altitude stress, cardiac and liver tonic and Immune system health.

Constituents include alkaloids, triterpine acids, ergosterols, fumaric acid, coumarins, adenosine, amino acids, and many polysaccharides. Reishi contains 800-2,000 ppm of organic germanium with adaptogenic functions, which is 4-5 times more than Ginseng. Reishi also contains high level of the RNA which induces interferon production; oleic acid, an inhibitor of histamine release; cyclooctasulfur, a strong inhibitor of histamine release; LZ-8, an immunomodulating protein which significantly reduces but doesn't entirely shut down antibody production. Highly concentrated Reishi extract is used in this formula.

Maitake Mushroom is the Japanese name for the edible fungus Grifola frondosa , It is also called "Dancing mushroom" and "Wu Rong" in Chinese. Polysaccharide constituents of Maitake have been associated in animal studies with multiple bioactive properties. Maitake's main functions are activating the immune system. For details, please see "Maitake Mushroom Extract" listed in this catalogue. The Maitake mushroom extract used here is 10:1 concentration ratio and contains 20% polysaccharides.

Shiitake Mushroom(Lentinus edodes) is also used as a popular food ingredient in most of the world. The most active constituents found in Shiitake are the polysaccharides, Lentinan and Cortinelin.  Lentinan has received the most attention, being responsible for the stimulation of the immune system.  In particular, Lentinan stimulates T-Lymphocytes, the first of the immune cells to take action against challenges. Cortinelin, the other main polysaccharide in Shiitake, also has beneficial properties. It exhibits strong immune responses and has been extensively studied by researcher. 8% polysaccharides extract used here.
Coriolus Mushroom (Please see introduction at "Colorious Mushroom Extract" before this section for details. use 20:1 ratio with 35% Polysaccharides

Cordyceps Mycelium Please see "Cordyceps mycelium" introduction before this section for details.

Agaricus blazei Mushroom:  Please see "Agaricuss Mushroom " introduction before this section for details.

Supplement Facts:
Serving size of 3 capsules supply:
Proprietary blends (1500mg) of: Reishi, Maitake, Shitake, Agaricus, Colorious mushrooms, and Cordyceps. Item no. BE125

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