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Cordyceps Mycelium Powder

Price: $34.00
Item Number: BE24
Cordyceps Mycelium Cordyceps sinensis has always been considered to be one of the best tonic products in Chinese medicine. But the extremely high price of original form has prevented many practitioners and patients to use it regularly. It has been clinically tested that it is very good for kidney and liver weakness, difficult in breathing due to kidney and lung deficiency, chronic fatigue. It also strengthens the brain and heart vessel. Now, by using the newest scientific method, cultivating the original mycelium has succeeded and its clinical trials have also proven that the Cordyceps mycelium gives equal or sometimes better results than the original form.This special strain known as (Paecilomyes hepiali) is the first one approved by Dep. of Health in China as Cordyceps using deep layer fermentation method. Bio Essence has selected the best and reliable source for this product. The taste, nutritional value and the result of the Cordyceps mycelium have won the confidence of the practitioners and the users since we put out. 100 grams/bottle Item no. BE24

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